The Artist

Ronelle Pienaar Jenkin

Ronelle Pienaar Jenkin is a visual artist and a freelance graphic designer who has been active in the industry since her 2007 graduation from Vega Brand Communications School. Jenkin worked at Lemon for many years before going freelance, and still regularly collaborates with the brand in an artistic and design capacity.

South African born, she currently resides in New Zealand where she continues to apply her exceptionally discerning eye to her various projects.

The narratives in Jenkin’s work centre on psychology – our thoughts, behaviour, ways of being in the world and the congruence between these things. Themes such as ridicule, humour, pride, sanctimony, obscenity and irreverence all feature strongly in her work and this interest is explored mainly through portrait and still life. Her preferred media and modes of expression include inks, watercolours and oils.