The Artist

Satoshi Hashimoto

Yokohama-based Hashimoto’s has an accessible, human, and uplifting aesthetic. “I think the most important thing about illustration is to convey things in an easy-to-understand and visually direct way. I also always aim to add brightness, fun and positivity to it. The design of this wallpaper encapsulates both those ideas,” he says of the design.

And while it represents somewhat of a new direction stylistically, it’s not altogether a surprising one. Hashimoto’s retro-inspired style aligns well with Lemon’s tributes across its product range to the icons of the past. The illustrator’s affinity for mid-century references and the suave style of yesteryear brought sharply into the present through crisp execution and fresh interpretation. This lighthearted design is a statement-making wallpaper, ideal for an office and study, a memorable guest bathroom, or even a teenager’s room.