Nara Textile Wallpaper Installation

Install Tips

1. All previous wall covering and paste residue should be removed, and surface protrusions and low spots sanded and filled so

that hanging surface is clean, smooth, and thoroughly dry.

2. Lemon does not recommend installing wall textiles over existing material.

3. Glossy surfaces should be sanded to dull the surface and dust should be removed with a dry cloth.

4. Surface should be thoroughly sealed; a quality wall covering primer should be used on all surfaces.

5. Acceptable hanging surfaces must be clean, smooth, thoroughly dry and structurally intact.

6. Freshly plastered walls must be dry before application.

7. The temperature in the area of installation and/or storage should be maintained above 13° C at all times.

8. Adequate lighting is necessary for a proper installation.

How to install the wallpaper

1. Always use a high quality, heavy duty adhesive.

2. Adhesive should be applied to the wall only. Test a small piece to determine the amount of adhesive to apply and the length of the time adhesive should be allowed to tack up before putting the wallcovering up. The glue should be 1mm thick. Be careful not to use too much glue which can cause the glue to seep through the fabric. Use a brush to remove any excess glue on the walls.

3. The outside corners of the wall area should be pre-pasted with adhesive and allowed to fully dry. The reason for pre- pasting the wall corners is to create a greater amount of body of adhesive to embed the fabric backing. If the pre-pasting must be left to dry overnight or for an extended period of time, please ensure that the adhesive does not become contaminated with dust or debris. When applying the adhesive to the entire area of the wall for installation, apply the adhesive to the outside corners for the second time.

4. Allow adhesive to become very tacky (about ten minutes but depends on site conditions) otherwise adhesive may seep through to face. This is important for a successful installation. Start hanging the wallcovering. The wallcovering is 2900mm therefore no joins required. Slowly roll the wallpaper smoothly across the wall using a hair brush or plastic smoother to flatten the wallcovering. At the same time make sure the fabric has made good contact to the wall. Trim with scissors or razor knife at the ceiling, baseboards, around windows, etc.

5. Use a seam roller to flatten the edges at seams, ceiling and baseboard. Take care not to press too harshly against the surface when removing any bubbles or wrinkles that may appear in the material as a result of handling. Too much force can cause paste to bleed through the fabric, resulting in permanent stains.

Terms and Conditions

1. Material must be examined prior to installation.

2. As the Nara Wallcovering is a woven product. Colours may vary within production runs. The product colours may also vary from samples and imagery on our website or catalogue.

4. Always test the material. If you have any questions please contact us.

5. The backing fabric has been designed specifically for wall installations and it should be not removed.

Cleaning Instructions

1. Spot clean only (with damp cloth)

2. Use mild detergent (no abrasives)