Wallpaper Rolls Installation

These instructions apply for both non-woven and vinyl qualities.

Product Description

Each roll contains 10 m/10.9 yd of continuous wallpaper made up of panels, each with a 50 cm/19.7”width.

How to prepare the wall

1. Check that the wall is clean, smooth, free from imperfections and dry. Strip all remaining wallpaper.

2. Eliminate colour differences or contrasts. The surface should be uniform in colour.

How to install the wallpaper

1. Tools: Scissors, cutter, cellulose wall covering glue (non-woven), brush or roller, rubber spatula for wall coverings, cloth, bucket and a long ruler.

2. Cut the first panel, using the height of the wall as a reference. Add 3 cm/1,18” at the top and the bottom (Total height of the wall + 6 cm/2,36”).

3. Prepare the cellulose glue in a bucket following the manufacturer's instructions.

4.Apply the cellulose glue with a brush or roller only onto the wall and spread it evenly across the surface.To achieve an optimum adhesion, apply the glue to a slightly larger surface than the panel.

5. Apply the first dry panel from left to right and from top to bottom, smoothing it down with a plastic
wallcovering spatula or a cloth to eliminate air bubbles.

6. Check the match of the second panel before repeating the cutting process in nº 2, and before repeating the processes in nº 4 (applying the glue) and nº 5 (applying the wall covering and smoothing it down) as many times as needed to cover the wall. The joins of the wall covering panels should not overlap.

7. With a damp cloth, gently remove glue leovers.

8. Cut the remaining wall covering with a cutter, using a ruler to guide the cutter.